Kurin, Inc. continues sales growth with record month.

Kurin Inc., announced record monthly sales of the Kurin Lock®, its revolutionary passive discard device that helps hospitals reduce contaminated blood cultures. July brought continued acceleration in Kurin sales and the company noted the importance of blood culture tests during the current pandemic. Although accurate testing is always important for the patient and the financial health of the hospital, optimally diagnosing bloodstream infections in highly vulnerable COVID patients is even more critical.

“Kurin has been instrumental for many hospitals in their efforts to provide excellent healthcare, especially in these trying times,” said Bob Rogers, CEO of Kurin. “We started this business to make a difference in healthcare and it is rewarding to see the belief that so many hospitals have in Kurin, as evidenced by our record sales.”

Kurin also addressed a recent court decision in one of Kurin’s false advertising suits against Magnolia Medical. In dismissing Kurin’s legal claims, the Court found that certain statements made by Magnolia regarding the efficacy of its Steripath product were “literally false,” and determined that various other Magnolia product claims are “puffery,” which the Court defined as “exaggerated advertising, blustering, and boasting.”

“While we are disappointed in the recent ruling and believe that the Court did not properly consider certain issues and evidence, Kurin initiated this lawsuit to address Magnolia’s use of false and misleading statements regarding both the efficacy and FDA status of its products.  As a result of the litigation, Magnolia has recently corrected their years of past misbehavior of selling without the necessary FDA clearances by seeking and finally receiving the FDA’s 510(k) clearance to market their Steripath products, modified its advertising, and provided important context for many of its product claims. In this respect, Kurin’s primary objective of establishing a more level playing field has been largely achieved. We believe there is a responsibility in the medical industry to maintain a high standard of integrity and feel the Court’s opinion, in fact, supports the merits of our false advertising lawsuit,” said Mr. Rogers.

“The more important lawsuit between our two companies is the patent lawsuit that is in process, and we remain very confident in prevailing in that matter,” said Mr. Rogers. “In the meantime, our focus remains on helping hospitals and we are pleased that hospitals continue to select Kurin over Steripath when directly competing. Dozens of hospitals that had used Steripath are now using Kurin, opting for a simpler, smaller, user-friendly, and more cost-effective solution to their contaminated blood culture problem.”

Kurin offers an initial specimen discard technology that automatically and passively sidelines potential contaminants during blood culture collection. When skin microbes enter into blood culture samples, false positive test results may misinform physicians and lead to unnecessary medical treatment and risk for patients and significant costs for the hospital.

About Kurin, Inc.

Kurin Corporation, a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), is focused on the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of products that help healthcare providers reduce contaminated blood cultures. San Diego-based Kurin has received FDA 510(k) market clearance. For more information, visit the website at www.kurin.com.