Kurin, Inc. Statement Regarding Patent Litigation

Kurin Inc., the inventor and manufacturer of 510(k)-cleared Kurin® blood culture collection sets, today released a statement regarding results of a jury trial in the patent litigation brought by Magnolia Medical Technologies.

Magnolia Medical originally asserted four patents in the case. By the time of the trial, all of these patents were dropped, except one having only two asserted claims. The Delaware jury concluded that Kurin infringed the single Magnolia patent, and awarded a royalty on each Kurin Lock set sold during a certain time period. The verdict will not prevent Kurin from maintaining the uninterrupted supply of its market-leading Kurin Lock to hospitals – and will allow it to continue implementing its plans.

“While we strongly disagree with some aspects of the Jury’s decision, we are pleased that this chapter of the litigation has concluded and that it does not impede our ability to continue operating. The conclusion of this trial will allow us to return our focus to delivering Kurin Locks to the customers and patients who need them, and advancing this important solution to effectively address the blood culture contamination problem,” said Bob Rogers, Inventor and CEO of Kurin.

Kurin’s revolutionary and disruptive approach automatically and passively sidelines potential contaminants during blood culture collection. Contaminated blood cultures are a significant problem, as roughly one-third of the positive results are wrong, exposing these patients to unnecessary antibiotics, extending hospital stays and impacting larger community health issues, such as antimicrobial resistance and the life-threatening C. diff. infection. Contaminated blood cultures also create a financial burden to hospitals by prolonging hospital stays.

About Kurin, Inc.

Kurin Inc., a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), is focused on the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of products that help healthcare providers reduce contaminated blood cultures. San Diego-based Kurin has received FDA 510(k) market clearance. For more information, visit the website at www.kurin.com.