Venipuncture Collections

The Kurin® set is a sterile, single-use blood culture collection set. Kurin includes a winged needle with flexible tubing intended to obtain blood culture samples via venipuncture. The Kurin Jet sidelines the initial flash of blood and skin contaminants therein. The set also includes a blood culture bottle holder for connection to vacuum-based collection vials as well as a safety shield for covering the used needle prior to disposal to aid in the prevention of needlestick injury. This device is to be used for blood collection ONLY. It is not to be used for infusion, IV administration or transfusion.


Inspect and open the packaging.
Visually inspect the device and packaging to confirm there is no damage (device is not cracked, broken). If the packaging appears to be damaged (punctured, torn) do not use the device.

Peel label to remove the device.


Secure connections.
Ensure that the blood culture bottle holder is secure before use.

Although best practice supports maintaining a closed system in blood culture collection, if it is necessary to collect the blood specimen with a syringe, the blood culture bottle holder may be removed.


Perform skin antisepsis, venipuncture.
Perform skin antisepsis and venipuncture. Perform disinfection and venipuncture per hospital protocol. Observe the flash of blood into the needle casing to ensure that you are correctly within the vein.


Collect specimen(s).
Attach blood collection vials to blood culture bottle holder to collect blood samples and fill according to policy.

If collecting additional labs, ensure blood cultures are collected first and then collect additional specimens ordered.


Dispose of the set.
When complete, withdraw (retract) the patient needle and dispose set in accordance with hospital protocol.


Provide tracking information.
Per hospital protocol, use the provided package lid form to track collections.