Kurin, Inc. Announces Full Scale Manufacturing of Push-button Needle

Kurin, Inc. Statement Regarding Patent Litigation

U.S. District Court Enters Judgment of No Infringement of Patent Asserted Against Kurin Inc. by Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.

Kurin, Inc. Announces Launch of Its Proprietary Push-button Needle System

Kurin, Inc. Announces Agreement with AllSpire Health GPO to Impact Contaminated Blood Cultures

Kurin, Inc. Reports Record Sales for Q4 and Total 2021 Revenues

Kurin, Inc. Reports Record Q3 Sales

Kurin, Inc. announces UK clinical study results showing significant decrease in blood culture contaminations with the Kurin Lock™

Kurin, Inc. Reports Record Sales Month

Kurin, Inc. announces results on Kurin® efficacy from Oishei Children’s Hospital with zero blood culture contaminations

Kurin, Inc. Announces Removal of Magnolia Patent Infringement Lawsuit Trial Date

Kurin, Inc. announces peer-reviewed publication on Kurin® efficacy from Central Texas Veterans Health Care System

Kurin, Inc. honored by MD Tech Review in annual listing of top Infection Control solutions

Kurin, Inc. Named to Inc.’s Inaugural Best in Business List in the Prosperous and Thriving Category

Kurin, Inc. Receives Allowance from United States Patent and Trademark Office of Additional Claims to its Innovative Blood Culture Collection Device.

Kurin, Inc. Reports Record Revenues

Kurin, Inc. Receives Supplier Horizon Award from Premier Inc.

Kurin, Inc. continues sales growth with record month.

Kurin, Inc. Announces Agreement with Intalere for Kurin Lock to impact contaminated blood cultures

Kurin, Inc. Announces Agreement with Vizient for Kurin Lock to help reduce contaminated blood cultures

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