Kurin Lock Technology

FDA 510(k) Cleared

The best tool is the one you already know.
So, we provide familiar Kurin® collection set configurations featuring the industy’s most popular butterfly needles and blood culture bottle holders. Likewise, the Kurin PIV™ provides equal protection when clinicians use a syringe or connect to a short peripheral IV catheter to draw samples.

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Kurin is a device designed to contain the initial volume of blood from the venipuncture site, so that resident contaminants within the skin are not transferred into the blood culture sample.

Watch as we demonstrate the Kurin Lock in slow motion.

With the venipuncture, Kurin acts as a flash chamber providing visual confirmation that the needle is properly placed within the vein. The initial flow of blood—and any contaminants therein—fills a “U” shaped side channel until it reaches a white porous seal. Kurin requires less than 0.15mL, making the device ideal for peds and patients at risk for hypovolemic anemia. When in contact with blood, the seal material is activated to lock the channel so that blood cannot exit and air cannot enter. Flow—in or out—of the side channel is stopped, locking the initial blood and contaminants in place.

With the side channel sealed, a small amount of blood will bypass the contents of the side channel, flowing directly into the collection passage. The blood will advance a variable distance before automatically stopping to indicate that the set is ready for collection bottle attachment.

Once attached, the blood flowing into the culture bottle passes directly from the venipuncture, circumventing the potentially contaminated blood sidelined within the Kurin lock.

When Kurin is used, clinical workflow remains unchanged, blood loss is minimized, and the reduction in contaminants greatly improves the quality of blood samples—benefiting patients, caregivers, and hospitals alike.

Don’t give contamination a pass.

Effortlessly positioned to perform without altering clinician workflow.

Serving as a flash chamber, Kurin provides visual confirmation of proper needle placement in the vein.

Contaminants from the initial volume of blood are locked into the u-shaped Kurin Lock.

When the collection bottle is attached, blood flows directly from the vein into the culture bottle through a separate channel.

Simple. Effortless. High return. Low waste. Better.

Effortless passive compliance
Kurin requires no change in patient experience or caregiver practice, enabling caregivers to continue using familiar, proven venipuncture technique.

Point of care practicality
A compact, elegant design offers space-efficient storage, minimal packaging and convenient disposal in standard medical waste receptacles.

Visual confirmation of venipuncture
In addition to its primary role of diverting contaminants found in the initial blood flow, Kurin also acts as a flash chamber, allowing the clinician to visually confirm the proper needle placement in the vein.

Risk Minimizing
By reducing contaminants in blood cultures, Kurin may help avoid extended hospital stays that increase the risk of adverse events and lower patient satisfaction.

Blood conserving
Requiring only a very small volume of blood, Kurin won’t slow down busy clinicians nor increase blood wastage.

Antimicrobial Stewardship
Kurin use may facilitate more accurate blood culture test results for uninfected patients to avoid inappropriate administration of antibiotics and the strengthening of multidrug-resistant super bugs.

High return
Kurin has engineered a solution that may yield enormous financial returns for the hospitals.

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